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Mike Green was born in New Zealand in 1941 and arrived in Australia as a small child. He is self-taught as an artist. From 1966 to 1974 he lived and worked in Canada and the USA, returning to live in Australian in 1974. Since then he has established a widespread reputation as one of the most accomplished of all contemporary watercolour artists. His work has been exhibited in several major galleries in Australia and overseas.




1941                                 Born Auckland, New Zealand

1945                 Arrived Australia, lived in Melbourne. Self- taught as a painter

1966 - 73         Moved overseas. Lived and worked in Canada and USA
                        Designed for Expo ’67. Painted part-time

1973                                 Travelled through Europe and the Middle East

1974                                 Returned to live in Australia. Painting full time

1975                                 First exhibition in Australia

1981 – 82        Lived and studied in Boston, USA. First exhibition in USA

1983                                 Returned to live and paint in Australia

1985                                 Arts Policy Advisor, Committee establishing Sister Cities of  Melbourne and Boston

1991 – 04         Artist Representative, Victorian State Committee,

                         National Association of the Visual Arts (NAVA)

1992 - 04         Part-time lecturer, Dept. of Art and Design, Chisholm Institute

1995                                 Artist in residence – Bundanon, Nowra, NSW

1999                                 Installation commissioned – ‘Cultural Protocols’, Global Arts Link, Qld.

 2010 -                            Artist in Residence – The Enchanted Maze Garden, Vic

2015                 Finalist Montalto Sculpture Prize, Vic.




School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

Chisholm Institute, Melbourne




2006                                 Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne , Australia

2005                                 Solander Gallery, Canberra, Australia

2004                                 Perth Galleries, Perth, Australia

2003                                   Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne, Australia

2002                                 Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne, Australia

1998                                 Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1997                                 Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1996                                 Solander Gallery, Canberra, Australia

1996                                 BMG Art, Adelaide, Australia

1995                                 Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1994                                 Solander Gallery, Canberra, Australia

1993                                 Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1993                                 Perth Galleries, Perth, Australia

1992                                  Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1992                                  Perth Galleries, Perth, Australia

1991                                  Hokin Kaufman Gallery, Chicago, USA

1991                                  David Ellis Fine Art, Melbourne, Australia

1990                                  Perth Galleries, Perth, Australia

1989                                  Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1988                                  Realities Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1987                  Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1987                  Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1986                  Kathryn Markel Gallery, New York, USA

1986                  Bonython – Meadmore Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

1986                  Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Australia

1985                  Realities Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1985                  Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1984                  Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1983                  Bonython Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

1982                  Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

 1980                Realities Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

 1980                  Bonython Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

1979                  Bonython Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

1978                    Australian Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

1977                  Eltham Gallery, Eltham, Victoria, Australia

1975 – 76         Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia




2015                ‘Montalto Sculpture Prize, 2015’ Red Hill, Vic.

2014                ‘Len Fox Painting Award, 2014’ Castlemaine Art Gallery, Vic

2011               ‘From a Scap of Paper: Drawing, Watercolour, Paint, Print, Photography’

                        Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne

2005                ‘After Van Gogh, Australian artists in homage to Vincent’

                   MorningtonPeninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria.

2004               “Please be Seated”, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, New South Wales

2004                Annual Collector’s Exhibition, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne

2003                Annual Collector’s Exhibition, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne

2002                Annual Collector’s Exhibition, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne

2001                Annual Collector’s Exhibition, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne

1999               Cultural Protocols, Global Arts Link, Queensland

1999              The Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart

1999              We are Australian, National touring exhibition

1996              Modern Masters, Solander Gallery, Canberra

1996              ACAF5, Melbourne

1995              Save Albert Park, 9 x 5 Invitation Exhibition, Robert Lindsay Gallery, Melbourne

1994              ACAF4. Melbourne

1993              No Vacancy, Arts Victoria Survey Exhibition

1993             The Cubbies Exhibition, Roar II, Melbourne

1992             Mornington Peninsula Contemporary Artists, Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre, Vic.

1991             Chicago International Art Exposition

1990             Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne        

1990             Chicago International Art Exposition

1990              Art Boston

1989                           Banking On Art, Paintings From the Westpac Collection, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne

1988                          The Mitchelton Print Exhibition, touring Benalla and Shepparton

1988                           LA88, Los Angeles, USA

1987             Australian Centre Contemporary Art, Melbourne

1985             Realities Salutes, Prints by Australian Artists, Melbourne

1984             Christopher Hull Gallery, London, UK

1984             Selected Works, Realities Gallery, Melbourne





1997             Centre for Australian Cultural Studies – Special mention        

1992             Pat Corrigan Artists’ Grant Scheme

1990             Diamond Valley Art Award (painting) Melbourne

1982             School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boit Award Painting (joint award)





Artbank Australia

BHP, Melbourne

City of Banyule, Victoria

City of Ipswich, Queensland

City of Melbourne, Victoria

City of Sandringham, Victoria

City of Waverley, Victoria

Co-operative Group, Adelaide

FCA Pty Ltd, Adelaide

First National Bank of Boston, USA

Hamilton Art Gallery, Victoria

Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth, Western Australia

James Hardy Industries, South Australia

McDonald’s Australia, New South Wales

Mercantile Mutual Insurance, New South Wales

Merlin Hotel, Perth

Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula Regional Art Gallery, Victoria

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Naracoorte Gallery, South Australia

RMIT University, Melbourne

Security Pacific Bank, New York, USA

Shire of Diamond Valley, Victoria

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

University Western Sydney, New South Wales

Westfarmers, Perth

Westpac Banking Corporation, Melbourne





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