Expo67 Montreal Canada, Memorial Album.

Pierre Dupuy,
Ambassador & Commissioner General

When the lights go out for the last time, when the crowds have
left the pavilions and the avenues, a World Exhibition begins a
new life. Less glittering but more profound, this new life is
nourished in the souls of those who visited the Exhibition, and
it will blossom into a legend for generations to come.
The World Exhibition held at Montreal in 1967 will remain as
a beacon flashing its message across Canada and the rest of the
world. The people of today, confused by the turmoil of progress,
were reminded that there are ties of interdependence
between them, a common destiny. What united them was
much more fundamental than what divided them.
Our theme, Man and His World, was meant to provide an
explanation of the world we live in, but beauty was the medium.
Aesthetics was the essential ingredient of our enterprise, in
architecture, entertainments and everyday requirements. We
believed in the positive influence of art.
And that is why our Art Gallery, with masterpieces come to
us from the recesses of the ages, was the introduction to the
Exhibition,, the Gate of Honour.
We were not alone. Behind us were our ancestors with the
best of the cultural heritage they handed down to us. Also with
us in the form of art treasures, was the soul of yester-year, our
soul even now. We felt at once modest and confident. Civilization
is a continuing process of creation. And we were invited to
make our own contribution.