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Recent works - sculpture & maquettes.

Once I started trying to create paintings in the 1990’s about my family, I lost a natural visual image to paint from and needed to seek a new way of representing what I was trying to portray. I have always been interested in sculpture. (When I went to study in America in the early 1980’s, I initially planned to enrol in a sculpture course - before they persuaded me to stick with painting.) I started making small models and assemblages that became my method of developing work since that time.

In 1998, I was commissioned by Rodney James to create an installation to the inaugural exhibition for Global Arts Link in Queensland. This enabled me to experiment for the first time with a large scale version of one of my maquettes. In the following years I built a few larger models, but the opportunity to create larger works did not eventuate. After 16 years, it is a little ironic to me that the inspiration to build my next sculpture ( for the Monalto Sculpture Prize) was the same maquette.